Our Mission

The Athlete Development Center of Falls Church (ADC-FC) provides a holistic range of support services for  athletes of all ages and sporting disciplines. Our number one goal is for our athletes to discover their fullest potential and achieve their goals. We work with individuals, teams, clubs, coaches, and parents through tailored one-on-one sessions and interactive group workshops. Our clients range from recreational to elite level across a wide variety of sport and performance settings. Regardless of the athlete’s ultimate goal, ADC-FC ensures that our programs will  develop each athlete to their fullest potential, and will prepare each athlete to achieve their individual and team goals.

Sport psychology

  • Individual and group sessions to help athletes overcome anxiety, low self-esteem, poor motivation, and other factors affecting athletic performance

  • Mental Skills Training

  • Post-accident and injury counseling

  • Team dynamics and team building strategies

Sport Nutrition

  • Develop and maintain a healthy relationship to diet and exercise

  • How and what to eat for the on and off season

  • Manage muscle gains and weight through a strategic nutrition plan based on your individual needs as an athlete.

  • Learn how to avoid “the bonk” through managed nutrition, training and recovery plans

Sport Massage, Corrective Exercise, and Assisted Stretching

  • Gain flexibility and learn how to integrate stretching into your daily routine

  • Personalized strength training plans

  • Work with our trained specialists to avoid or relieve lower back, shoulder or knee pain

  • Alleviate muscle related pain or movement limitations through assisted stretching


Ask us about our Injury Prevention Screenings and Performance Testing. Email contact@adcfc.com for more information.

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