Training for Success

As we cruise from spring into summer and the days get longer there’s a natural progression to channel the sun’s energy and train harder, longer and more frequently.

We have some tips for moving onward and upward without getting sidelined.

Fuel Yourself Properly

Nutrition is the foundation of any fitness endeavor. A proper balance of carbs, proteins and fats (aka macros) tailored toward your intensity, paired with an avoidance of processed sugars and pre-packaged foods can be the difference between achieving a personal best and bringing up the rear. Nutrition is the epitome of training smarter, not harder.

At the Athlete Development Center we offer a full spectrum of nutritional education and products. We answer, “What do I eat?” with one-on-one nutritional counseling. We can meet you in the middle by leading you on a grocery store tour and providing meal prep kits. Or if you prefer to spend time at the gym or on the trails rather than in the kitchen, we facilitate locally-prepared healthy meals from Territory Foods.

Avoid Burnout and Take Rest Days

Injuries are no bueno. Burnout and lack of motivation are arguably just as frustrating. When repetition kicks in and you find yourself in a trance, or you’ve got nagging muscle soreness, switch things up. If you’re a devoted runner, go to a yoga class. If you’re a devoted yogi, go for a run! Cross-training and changing intensity all work in concert to prevent damage from repetition and rewire your brain so you can uplevel.

Smart Recovery

Be smart about how you refuel your body and repair your muscles after an intense training session. Massage, assisted stretching and infrared sauna are three of our personal favorites which is exactly why we offer them at the Athlete Development Center.

As your muscles respond like a fresh rubber band, snapping back in protest to extreme training, use these services to provide ease. Suffering through muscle knots, tightness and soreness is not a badge of honor - it’s an invitation to balance the scales with restorative activity and give yourself an edge over your next endeavor.

Get to know us!

Join us at the Falls Church Memorial Day Festival on Monday, May 27, 2019 at booth E105 for free chair massages, assisted stretching, AromaTouch Hand Technique and our favorite self-care products. We’ll be at 300 Park Ave in downtown Falls Church from 9am-5pm.

Then plan to visit in-house on Saturday, June 8th for our Natural Solutions class on living more holistically.