Are You an Athlete?

We're all athletes in our own right. We all have a story. The most compelling stories are dynamic - just like you and your body.

Think about that for a minute. Do you consider yourself an "athlete?"

athlete: ath-leet 
-noun. A person trained or gifted in exercises or contests involving physical agility, stamina or strength.

If you are paid as a professional athlete or have been awarded a scholarship to play at the collegiate level then it’s cut and dry.

But what about the parents trying to juggle kids between schools and practices amongst their own adult obligations? Isn’t that a test of physical stamina too?

So here's the thing. If you are here right now, if you’ve found our page - You. Are. An. Athlete.

The Athlete Development Center was established to support athletes of all ages and stages - to provide RESTORATION and ELEVATION in your sport. Whether your sport is cycling or motherhood, we consider you one of our tribe. We are a team of coaches and experts devoted to self-care.

We know you don't always put yourself first. That's where the coach part comes in: accountability. We're not gonna be shy about checking on you.

As experts in health and wellness our team addresses your acute concerns first. We're here to get you unstuck. Then we switch into maintenance. Once you're in a healing mode we form a collaborative care plan customized for you - keeping you unstuck.

More of a "rip off the bandaid" kinda guy? Sure, we'll bring the tough love.
Need more of a ratcheted approach so the changes finally stick this time? We got you. 

Either way the end result is the same: 
RESTORE your body and ELEVATE your fitness to a new level.

Whether you’re a weekend warrior doing your first 5K or a competitive cyclist touring the globe, we strive to support you.

Our service offerings were curated with restoration in mind - a place to prepare and recover from your most challenging endeavors. We venture outside physical health and seek to provide emotional support as well, with our wide array of amenities.


Ranging from light bodywork with aromatherapy to deep tissue, sport and trigger point massage, our neuromuscular specialist tailors your experience to your body's unique needs.


Recover faster and gain flexibility. Alleviate muscle pain and movement limitations with targeted in-house stretching and at-home plans.


Develop and maintain a healthy relationship with food. Learn what to eat for fuel and function. Performance and therapeutic protocols are tailored to individual needs and preferences.


Develop goals, strategy and accountability to live a more balanced lifestyle. Eat well, sleep better, increase energy, stay active, reduce stress and cultivate a more proactive approach to health.


Overcome low self-esteem, poor motivation, anxiety and other factors affecting performance.  Put a stop to self-doubt and self-criticism and establish confidence with techniques to relax, focus and leave fears behind.


We carry doTERRA Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils. Learn how to use them aromatically, internally and topically for physical and emotional wellness with a one-on-one consultation or group workshop.


Naturally detoxify, increase circulation and boost metabolic function. Expedite recovery time following strenuous activity and manage chronic pain with infrared heat. Supercharge your session with a sculpting body wrap.

It takes more than physical fitness to cross a finish line. Plug into our community by subscribing to our newsletter, attending an event, and scheduling your complimentary 15-minute wellness assessment.