Nick Clark

Nick is the founder of The Athlete's Development Center, as well as the founder of Pro Bike FC, a bespoke cycling shop and performance training center that focuses on coaching services, beginner and elite level training clinics, and providing advice on specialty products aimed at improving overall performance.

He holds a USA Cycling coaching certificate, a level 2 coaching certificate with Training Peaks, and is a certified power based training coach.

He is also a certified personal trainer, corrective exercise specialist, and nutrition specialist accredited through the International Sports Science Association.

Currently, Nick is completing his Bachelor of Science in Psychology with an emphasis in Sports Psychology.


Professional Experience

Nick has been a professional cyclist since 1994. After competing in the UCI World Championship where he took bronze in the Men's Junior Worlds, he was recruited by Team Spenco based in Belgium as a professional continental racer.

After a period with Spenco, he was later drafted by the French UCI team Casino Ag2r (which is now UCI team Ag2r La Mondial). Nick left the world cycling stage in 2002 and returned to Australia where he competed in Elite "gold" category (reciprocal to Category 1 in USA Cycling), where he held that category and license until 2015.

In 2012, Nick was recruited by Italian Elite Domestic Team Bicci until 2014 when he moved to the US with his late wife and two children to take on a professional coaching role.